The Clinic

Dr Chew Khek Kah is the founder and medical director of NU•U Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic in Singapore. He is also the director and chief trainer for Asian College of Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine.


He graduated from National University of Singapore in 1986 and has been practicing aesthetic medicine since 2002.


He is one of the pioneers of liposuction practitioners in Singapore, performing body sculpturing procedures since 2005. He was accredited as a liposuction practitioner in Singapore by Ministry of Health in 2008.


He is trainer in laser and ultrasound assisted liposuction, both locally and internationally. He is also the creator of NILER (Non-incisional Laser Eyebag Rejuvenation), and has presented numerous papers internationally.

He is a recognized speaker and expert in the field of laser rejuvenation.


He is the key opinion leader of many non-invasive facial and body contouring devices.


He is also one of the key regional trainers for Restylane fillers, representing Singapore and sits on the Asia Filler Advisory Board for Galderma. He is instrumental to the peer review group for 'Filler Complications' in Singapore.


He is currently the honorary advisor to Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Singapore), and was the founding member and vice president from 2006 to 2012.




1986  MBBS (SIngapore)

1999  Graduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine (Singapore)

2003  Diploma in Practical Dermatology (Wales)




2004  Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (PACAM)

2005  Certificate of Competence Laser Lipolysis

2005  Advanced BTX Course

2006  Fundamentals of Body Sculpting - VASER Institute

2007  Advanced Body Sculpting - VASER High Definition

2007  Fellow Society of Gold Surgeons Korea

2007  International Member American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery




1990 - 2002  General Practice

2002 - 2003  Attending Doctor Kronos Optimal Health Clinic

2003 - 2004  Aesthetic Physician Easy Health Group

Since  2004  Medical Director NU.U Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic

2006 - 2007  International Member Scientific Committee Italian Society of

Cosmetic Physicians & Surgeons

Since  2006  Trainer/Pioneer in Accusculpt for Laser Assisted Liposuction and

Facial Contouring

Since  2006  Trainer/Pioneer in Vaser Assisted Liposuction

Since  2006  Pioneer in NILER (Non Incisional Laser Eyebag Rejuvenation)

Since  2006  Pioneer Member in setting up of Society of Aesthetic Medicine

2006 - 2008  Executive Committee SAM

Since  2007  Director Asian College of Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine

Since  2007  KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for various Aesthetic Companies

Since  2007  Speaker at IMCAS World Congress

2008 - 2010  Vice President SAM

Since  2008  Member Restylane Filler Advisory Board (Asia)

Since  2008  Regional Trainer for Restylane Fillers

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