Featuring optimum yellow and green light for fast, precise, targeted treatments, Dual Yellow delivers great control and better outcomes with reduced skin damage and discomfort.





The Dual Yellow laser is the culmination of decades of research and development backed by clinical trials, making it the only dermatological laser of its kind on the market.


As its name suggests, it is the only laser to emit two lights – a yellow light for vascular problems, acne, rosacea, melasma and skin rejuvenation/lightening, and a green light to treat pigmentation and bulky lesions.


Backed by numerous clinical trials, this high-performance laser offers arguably the widest range of treatments for a single laser with no bruising or crusting. Cue in the new generation of cutting-edge aesthetic treatments.


The Dual Yellow Laser offers the perfect wavelength for peak absorption for vascular and pigment reduction. This means:


• It is fast-working – most vascular and pigmentation problems can be

treated in a single session. Skin rejuvenation and brightening, rosacea or face redness, and acne treatment can also be achieved within a few sessions!

• It respects the surrounding skin, and unlike most other lasers, doesn’t

cause collateral damage.

• It produces less heat and causes less discomfort than most other

lasers.  Patients describe the feeling as similar to the flicking of a rubber band on the skin. Those with low pain tolerance can opt for topical anaesthetic, though it is usually not necessary.

• It is suitable for most skin types and body areas including the face,

neck, chest, back, hands, arms and legs.

• It can successfully treat the widest range of pigment problems,

including melasma.

Acne is caused by the P Acnes bacteria, which resides in your sebaceous gland. As the gland secretes sebum to lubricate your skin and hair, the bacteria causes infection. The yellow light from the Dual Yellow laser destroys the P Acne bacteria, and shrinks the sebaceous gland to reduce the production of sebum. This laser is the only type that targets the sebaceous gland to destroy bacteria, without damaging surrounding tissue.


Bulky Lesions (such as skin tags, benign moles, raised pigmented lesions and other raised lesions) are abnormalities in the skin tissue that vary in colour and texture, and may form over time for various reasons. The green and yellow light from the Dual Yellow laser is absorbed by the tissue, removing the bulky lesion permanently without causing any bleeding. This treatment uses a unique property of the Dual Yellow laser combining two different wave lengths for optimum results.


Vascular Lesions occur when the small capillaries in your skin become dilated. When grouped together, they can give the appearance of red spots, or sometimes large stains (port wine). When spread out, they are visible as threads. Contrary to popular myth, the capillaries are not broken. The yellow light from the Dual Yellow laser immediately shrinks the capillaries to provide instant cosmetic results. This happens because yellow light is readily absorbed by blood to shrink the vessel, and is achieved with minimal or no pain.


Melasma is a very common skin condition and is treatable. The darkened skin discoloration normally appears on sun exposed areas of the face. Typically melasma occurs over the cheeks, forehead, nose or upper lip. The green and yellow light from the Dual Yellow laser is effective for treating and clearing melasma. This happens by reducing the production of melanin (the substance that creates pigmentation of the skin) at the source.


Pigmented Lesions are commonly freckles, age spots and liver spots. They normally contain very high concentrations of melanin (pigment) and can be caused by too much sun, aging, genetics or injury. The green light from the Dual Yellow laser targets the melanin, which is the principle component in the lesion. You will see immediate change and in some cases the lesion will darken slightly, which is perfectly normal. The pigment will then gradually come away over the following week. This method causes no damage to surrounding tissue and you avoid invasive procedures such as surgical removal or freezing.


Skin Rejuvenation is needed when damage occurs due to the sun or aging, which produces wrinkles or skin blemishes. You can also treat scars and stretch-marks. The yellow light from the Dual Yellow laser is a painless procedure and helps to generate collagen, the essential protein for giving your skin elasticity. This happens because yellow light affects the collagen in a way that promotes regrowth; it also reduces pigmentation. So your skin will appear lightened, and more youthful.


You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. Acne can effectively be controlled with 4 treatments, one week apart.


Bulky Lesions

You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. Many bulky lesions can effectively be removed instantly.


Vascular Lesions

You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. You will see visible results, however the type of vascular lesion and its location does affect the effectiveness of treatment.



You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. Melasma is a reaction from your skin that over produces pigmentation (also known as “hyper-pigmentation”). Therefore it is likely you will need follow-up treatments.


Pigmented Lesions

You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. Generally, only one treatment is required.


Skin Rejuvenation

You need to consult with your clinician for an exact treatment plan. Just after one treatment, you will notice your skin feels fresher and is lighter, but typically several treatments are required.




Working at peak absorption for vascular and pigmentation problems, this laser promises to blast away broken capillaries, skin discoloration, sun damaged skin, facial redness or rosacea, acne and even melasma without any periphery damage or pain.

Visible improvement in appearance after treatment.

Dual Yellow Laser