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The Excel V laser is manufactured by CUTERA a pioneer in ground breaking Nd- Yag technology that is headquartered in the USA.


The Excel V offers a best in class technology for the treatment of vascular and benign pigmented lesions with a combination of a powerful 532nm KTP and 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser.


Excel V's unique design allows combinations of pulse widths, spot sizes and energy settings at both 532nm and 1064nm exclusively.


The Excel V laser simply allows more treatments to be done in a single system. There are 2 handpieces available:



532nm KTP is the ideal wavelength for the treatment of a wide range of vascular and benign pigmented lesions. The 532nm wavelength has a 5x greater affinity for oxyhemoglobin than 595nm, allowing for improved results, more selective treatments and greater patient comfort. 532nm delivers excellent results in the treatment of:


• Telangiectasia

• Cherry Angiomas

• Diffuse Redness

• Poikiloderma

• Port Wine Stains


It also offers a great photo rejuvenation experience especially in the treatment of red/brown dyschromia giving you a skin that looks radiant , fresh and visibly tighter with no downtime.


CoolView (1064nm Nd:Yag)

The long pulse 1064nm mode is the perfect choice for the treatment of deeper or thicker vascular lesions including leg veins, venous lakes and periorbital veins. The setting can also be modified to induce a skin tightening effect and create a face lifting effect especially over the lower half of the face.


Genesis V (Micro Pulsed Nd Yag)

The patented 1064mm Laser Genesis procedure targets the micro- vascularity as well as water with its microsecond high peak power pulse, reducing erythema while stimulating collagen production. Laser Genesis is an excellent choice in the treatment of diffuse redness, rosacea and mild acne scars. This procedure also gives the skin a nice mattifying result and helps to reduce open pores as well fine lines.


The treatments can be comfortably done without the need for topical numbing cream  and with no downtime.


It is excellent as a tool for skin revitalisation/rejuvenation and has become the go-to laser in NU•U for patients seeking to revitalize their skin, improve pigmentation and have a facial contouring result all-in-one treatment.


Treatments can be repeated after every 4 to 6 weeks and the results are expected to improve with time and repeated sessions.

Excel V Laser