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Dr K K Chew


Every face is unique and everyone has their own hopes and vision.We trust you will discover your new you here at NU.U

The best revamps are those that enhance and refresh your appearance without changing the essence of who you are.

NU.U understands this, which is why we are still at the top of our game since 2004 and remain as the go-to clinic for individuals looking for reliable, proven aesthetic treatments and a safe pair of hands.


At the helm of NU.U is Dr K K Chew, a widely accredited in the field of aesthetic medicine and a founding member of the Singapore Society of Aesthetic Medicine.


Highly skilled in the use of fillers, Dr Chew is a key regional trainer for the Restylane brand of dermal fillers, as well as a member of the Restylane Filler Advisory Board (Asia). Under his direction, NU.U has stood firmly by the core practices that have cemented our reputation and earned a loyal client base. This means providing not only the best and most appropriate treatments for patients but also warm, hospitable service that makes YOU feel at home.


There are aesthetic clinics and there is NU.U Aesthetics . What sets one apart from another ? It is not just about looking good but the total experience of feeling good too.


With the patient and thorough Dr Chew at the helm and his professionally trained staff NU.U brings a fresh dimension to women and men and how they look . It is not just about the treatments and looking young , it is about feeling young and rejuvenated. Core to this are the guiding principles on which the Clinic was founded namely passion, love and integrity. And that is what NU.U wants for every person to feel when they walk into the clinic .


Dr Chew’s mild and gentle demeanour puts everyone at ease and his sense of humour and bedside manners will remove any consciousness of how one looks.


Accolades aside , at NU.U it isn’t just about soft skills . At the core NU.U prides itself in investing in the latest state of the art proven technologies.


Among the state-of-the art machines now in the clinic is the Excel V Laser manufactured by US industry giant, Cutera. Excel V unique design allows it to treat multiple concerns ranging from vascular to pigmented lesions to facial contouring and mild acne scars.


Another game changer, also from Cutera, is the Enlighten™ Picosecond laser. This represents the latest technological innovation in the treatment of melasma and pigmented lesions, as well as a very effective skin rejuvenation laser.


NU.U is equipped to meet the needs of those looking for safe, advanced and non-invasive options for body contouring and fat reduction.


The clinic offers a comprehensive list of curated treatments that utilises various technologies ranging from cryolipolysis and selective non-contact RF to High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) coupled with sound wave therapy. With all these on board, NU.U is your one-stop clinic for slimming, toning and tightening. In short, kiss goodbye to those stubborn bulges and cellulite.


Of course, the popular and signature treatments are all still available and continue to be offered at the clinic. These include the Non-incisional Laser Eyebag Rejuvenation (NILER) created by Dr Chew himself, in response to patients requests for an alternative non-surgical fix for eye bags with minimal downtime. The treatment options have since expanded to the use of HIFU with fillers to treat the saggy eye bags.


Another mainstay is the NU.U 3D non-surgical facelift, which combines various time tested treatments within one program either singly or synergistically. These include the Exlilis Radiofrequency, Ultraformer 3 and PDO threadlifts so that you can treat even those tricky, hard-to-treat parts of the face and neck.

With its mix of new and established treatments and retaining the friendly, approachable service which the clinic is known for, NU.U is all set to help our patients put their best face forward.



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