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Tear Trough Depression

Tear Trough Depression (TTD) is a common cosmetic concern among patients as it
creates a tired fatigued look that makes one look much older than they are. However,
the complexity of this problem associated with the thinning and lax infraorbital skin, dark
eye circles, orbital fat prolapse and volume deficiency in the anteromedial cheek as well
as bone resorption; makes this a challenging condition to treat non-surgically.


Dr Chew uses the Multi Layer Technique (MLT) to treat this condition with the use of a
soft dermal Hyaluronic Acid filler to ensure a smooth outcome. As TTD can be of
varying severities, it is essential to seek consultation with an experienced doctor before
proceeding with the treatment.


If you have concerns regarding tear trough depression, you may call the clinic to
schedule a consultation at @ 67329989 to arrange a non-obligatory consultation.


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