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Aptos Threadlift

The history of Aptos dates back to 1996 when it received its first patent for the Aptos Suture. The first Aptos thread was subsequently launched in 1998 and over the years the Aptos thread has continued to evolve. In 2018, the 3rd generation Aptos threads with hyaluronic acid was launched.


Aptos Threadlift at NUU Aesthetic Clinic


At NU.U clinic, Dr Chew uses this 3rd generation thread, which is called the Aptos “Visage Excellence Method (HA)”. These are absorbable threads with barbs for lifting and are made with an improved formulation of P (LA/ CL) with Hyaluronic Acid that ensures additional benefit for the skin in terms of skin elasticity and texture. The threads have barbs that are arranged such that each subsequent barb is located on the opposite direction from the previous one. This allows stronger hypodermic fixation and supports grouping the tissues on every micro section of the threads.

The composition of P (LA/CL) allows up to 50% absorption during 1.5 years which is much longer than PDO threads. This means that results can last at least up to 1.5 years and it also provides ongoing and progressive rejuvenation for the facial tissue. Therefore, patients who have had a thread lift will notice also a gradual improvement in their skin tone and firmness.


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