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dark circles

Dark Circles

The main cause of Dark Eye Circles are genetics and skin tone. Because the skin over the under eye area is thinnest, it is almost translucent and thus, we can easily see the underlying veins. This can result in a bluish or purplish tinge giving the appearance of a darkened undereye area.


This Dark Eye Circle appearance is more pronounced in those with a fair skin and those with a lack of subcutaneous fat supporting the lower eye lid.


Lack of sleep increases venous congestion leading to fluid build up and pooling of blood in the superficial vessels. Therefore when one is tired it makes the dark eye circles even darker.


The anatomy of your facial features also plays a role . A prominent tear trough and nasojugal groove extending from the inner corner of the eye towards the cheekbone can cause shadowing and make dark circles more apparent.


This tear trough can appear or deepen with fat loss that often comes with age and can start around 25 years of age.


If you have concerns regarding your Dark Eye Circles, you can schedule an non-obligatory consultation with the clinic @ 67329989 to find out the best treatment option.


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