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Frown lines

Frown lines are typically those furrows between the eyebrows. They generally appear as a pair of parallel vertical lines that resemble the number 11. Frown lines are also commonly referred to as glabella lines. These lines are formed by the repeated action of frowning and they could be worsened over time with the loss in collagen and elasticity in skin during the ageing process. Prominent frown lines can give others the impression of worry or unfriendliness. As such, people with frown lines can end up feeling very self-conscious of them.


Frown lines are similar to forehead lines in that they are primarily expression lines caused by the making of facial expressions. A safe and effective treatment is to use a neurotoxin such as Botox or Xeomin to relax the muscles that create the frowning expression. This will then in turn reduce the intensity of line formation. An experienced and skilful doctor can administer this treatment with precision so that it offers you great improvement in your condition without limiting your range of expressions.


If you have concerns regarding Glabellar Lines, please call the clinic @ 67329989 to schedule a non-obligatory consultation.


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