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love handles

Love handles

An hourglass figure is often considered the epitome of femininity. Besides an accentuated bust and fuller hips and butt, the key defining characteristic of this alluring silhouette is a cinched waist that pulls the whole look together.


Love handles can foil the appearance of a small waist. This term refers to the excess fat deposits around the waist. It can often show up as bulges under clothes, especially over the waistband area. The look has been said to resemble how rounded muffin edges spill over the cup liner. This is why it’s also referred to by a less attractive term – “muffin top”.


Love handles can be found on different body types, even on slim ones. This is because physiologically, this area tends to accumulate more fat cells easily. That is why we often get an expanded waistline when we gain weight.


As with other conditions involving body fat, a good exercise regimen coupled with a healthy diet can do a lot to improve the condition. However, results take time to show and fat reduction may not always occur in the desired area.


There are effective and efficient treatment options available that can target love handles. All you need is to find one that’s customised to your needs and concerns.


If you have changed your diet to a healthier one and have been exercising but the love handles still remain, call us @ 67329989 to find out more about the treatment options available.


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