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thin lips


Kisse, a natural way to enhance, give fullness and the shape you desire.


The smallest of changes can make a big difference.


A lip enhancement can be just a small correction of a sad mouth corner, making an irregular upper lip more balanced or making your lips fuller.


Lip border

Lip volume

Nose to mouth lines

Sad mouth

Smile lines

Smokers lines


Beauty ideals have changed over time. Obvious volume and augmentation of the lips that has been the trend for a while, is on the way out.


We now look for symmetry and balance rather than sizeable impact. If your focus is on increased volume, natural looks are always the objective with KISSE that offers a tailored, customised filler treatment experience to emulate beautiful looking lips.


KISSE is clinically proven to maintain long-lasting improved lip fullness, with high patient satisfaction and minimal swelling. It is specifically designed for smooth integration into the delicate lip tissue to create beautiful looking lips, whether a subtle accentuation or a prominent augmentation is desired.


KISSE belongs to a range of hyaluronic acid fillers produced by QMed Galderma.


One KISSE treatment is typical needed which takes about 15-30 minutes.

It is performed by injecting KISSE through a fine needle into your skin (or for some treatments just under) to fill wrinkles or add volume, shape your face or lips or hydrate your skin.


KISSE procedure provide results that should last for up to 6-12  months, after which time you may need a top-up to maintain the volume.


There will be some initial swelling and sometimes bruising in the lip area from the injections. This should quickly subside to reveal your full and plump lips.


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