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Total acne treatment


Acne is a common skin condition. Acne consists of blackheads, whiteheads, red spots, and sometimes deeper boil-like spots, these are called nodules or cysts. Acne affects most people during their teenage years. However, the problem sometimes continues into adulthood.


ORATANE capsules contain a medication known as isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is often a cure for acne. It is a similar substance to Vitamin A, but the action of isotretinoin is very different.



ORATANE capsules are used to treat acne.


Of the many acne medicines, ORATANE is used for more severe cases. ORATANE capsules work by cutting down the amount of oily substances (sebum) made by our glands in your skin. ORATANE capsules will also help to reduce the bacteria, inflammation and open clogged pores.



ORATANE is suitable for almost everyone with acne, regardless of sex or age. People who can’t take ORATANE include pregnant women or women who are breast feeding and people suffering from certain medical conditions.


Oratane should NEVER be used by pregnant women or by women who intend to become pregnant, during or for one month after, their Oratane treatment.



ORATANE works by reducing the amount of oily substances produced by the oil making glands in your skin. This reduces the amount of bacteria in the skin. These bacteria are the cause of the ‘pus’ and inflammation found with acne. ORATANE may help reduce the inflammation of the skin.


The course of ORATANE treatment will vary from patient to patient. Dr Chew will advise you how long to take your ORATANE. In most cases the treatment lasts for around 20 weeks, but could last up to six months. In over 80% of cases ORATANE will completely clear your acne by the end of one treatment. The healing process that is started with ORATANE may continue after the treatment has ceased. You will need to keep taking your ORATANE for as long as Dr Chew has adviced, if you stop sooner you may not get the full benefits of ORATANE.


All medicines have side effects. With ORATANE the side effects are closely linked to ORATANE actually working. If you are experiencing the side effects, then your ORATANE is working and it won’t be long before your acne starts improving. The side effects of ORATANE can range from mild to severe. Most of the side effects can be kept under control.


When you have finished your course of ORATANE. Because ORATANE is causing the side effects when you have finished taking ORATANE the side effects should go away.



When you first start taking ORATANE you may find that your acne starts to get worse. This does not mean that the medication is not working. If this happens to you, do not be discouraged, keep taking your ORATANE, as prescribed. The worsening of your acne nearly always stops within the first few weeks, and then your acne will start to clear.


Within the first four weeks of starting ORATANE you will notice that your skin is much drier than before. This is because the ORATANE is starting to work by reducing the amount of oil being produced by your skin. You may also find that you need to wash your hair less often. By the third or fourth week your acne will be showing signs of improving. The improvement should continue throughout your ORATANE treatment.


At the conclusion of your ORATANE treatment your acne should have significantly cleared. Your skin should continue clearing, possibly for one or two months, after the ORATANE treatment has ceased. The side effects associated with ORATANE treatment will begin to clear at the conclusion of the treatment.



Do wear a sunscreen, 30+ is best

Don’t drink a lot of alcohol

Don’t donate blood until at least four weeks after you have stopped taking your ORATANE

Don’t take any Vitamin A supplements (check your multivitamins)


While taking ORATANE you should not take any tetracyclines. These are antibiotics, which you may have tried for your acne, in the past. Tetracyclines include Doxy, Doryx®, Minomycin® and Vibra-Tabs®.


Please stay out of the sun and wear sunblock over treated areas. Do not use exfoliating scrubs on skin for the first week. Otherwise, you should be able to resume normal scheduled activities immediately.


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