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Rejuran Healer

Celebrate youthful skin again!


REJURAN is a new concept of skin healing booster that regenerates skin cells from deep inside by activating fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis.


Popularly known as REJURAN (婴儿针) contains PDRN (polynucleotide) that restores the extra cellular matrix by activating self regenerating power and improving skin condition fundamentally from deep inside.


Dark eye circles

Enlarged pores

Skin sagging

Enlarged pores

Dull skin

Wrinkles and fine lines

Acne scars

Stretch Marks


Humans start aging and losing collagen from their mid-twenties, hence REJURAN may be recommended for both men and women from their mid-twenties onwards. REJURAN is also suitable for people suffering from sunken acne scars and poor skin texture.


Severely damaged, aging skin

Scars especially acne scars

Enlarged pores with oily skin


REJURAN is a rejuvenating skin treatment made of biological molecules called polynucleotides (PN). A PN molecule is a biopolymer made up of 13 or more nucleotide monomers bonded together. If nucleotides sound familiar, it is because you probably heard about it in biology class – nucleotides are the basic structural units which make up DNA!


The DNA extract in REJURAN is obtained from salmon, then fragmented into PNs.


The 2 main effects of REJURAN, or PN/PDRN are:

1. Wound healing – through stimulation of growth factors, increased microcirculation,

2. Anti-inflammatory effects – through scavenging of free radicals and blockage of inflammatory cytokines in the body.


Before the procedure, topical numbing cream is applied so the procedure is nearly painless.


Like Skinboosters, REJURAN can injected into the dermis layer of the skin either by an injector gun, or by manual injections with a very small needle. We recommend the manual injection technique as it ensures that none of the product leaks during the procedure for best results. Also, with manual injections, downtime with REJURAN is lesser and minimal.


After the procedure, a LED light therapy will be used to further enhance results and recovery.


A series of 3 treatments one month apart is recommended for continued and lasting effect.


Skinboosters VS REJURAN

Although both Skinboosters and REJURAN are administered in a rather similar manner, they have different functions and work quite differently.


Restylane SkinBoosters treatment uses hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to provide deep hydration to the dermis. This treatment gives the skin a smoother appearance by plumping up the skin, which leads to reduced appearance of fine lines. On the other hand, REJURAN treatment takes a more aggressive approach to anti-aging. It actively repairs and heals damaged skin cells and reverses signs of aging to keep the skin young and healthy.


A comparison study shows that REJURAN causes more fibroblast activity, leading to more collagen production, better skin elasticity and more skin thickening.



The restoration process is largely dependent on individual’s cellular turnover rate, but a marked improvement to the skin can usually be observed within a few days of the first treatment, and the best results are observed after 3-4 treatments.


Downtime with REJURAN is very minimal as the needle used is very small. Patients may experience slight bumpiness of the skin right after the treatment, but this usually subsides within 30 – 60 mins.


Minimal redness is experienced with manual injections, which is why it is also a popular choice.


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