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TruSculpt Flex

Redefining Muscle Sculpting

TruSculpt Flex NUU Clinic Singapore

What is Trusculpt Flex?
Trusculpt Flex is a personalised muscle sculpting treatment that adjusts to your fitness level, shape and muscle condition to strengthen, firm , build and tone your muscles. It’s proprietary Multi Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology delivers three treatment options by replicating intensified crunch, squat and twisting actions.

It is developed by CUTERA a provider of laser and other energy based aesthetic systems and is US FDA approved and HSA registered.



What is the Trusculpt Flex treatment like?
Eight areas can be treated simultaneously, covering the largest treatment area in the body sculpting industry. Three treatment modes are performed in the same session.


Creates a twisting motion to warm up , stretch the muscles and slowly build a tolerance to muscle contractions.


Contracts the muscle, holds it to the point of exhaustion, and then relaxes it to increase strength and enhance endurance. It helps tighten and tone and strengthen muscles without significant increase in muscle mass.


Causes fast , deep , sequential contractions of the muscles for building muscle mass. The more intense the more muscle gains you will see.


Am I suitable for Trusculpt Flex?
Both healthy men and women can benefit from Trusculpt Flex treatments. During consultation, Dr Chew will discuss with you your treatment goals and go through your health and medical history as well as your fitness level.
Trusculpt Flex is a FDA cleared procedure proven to tone , strengthen and firm muscles of the abdomen, butt and thighs.


How many treatments are required?
Results can usually be achieved in as little as four treatments over a two week period. Each treatment requires a 45 minute session and all workouts are customised to the intensity level each person can handle. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalised results you desire.


When will I see results?
Results may be visible after the second or third session with maximum results seen 8-12 weeks after the last treatment session.
You may consider more frequent maintenance sessions to boost your muscle gains. Maintenance sessions can be spaced every 3 months depending on the results you want to see.


Is there really no downtime?
Trusculpt Flex is non invasive and requires no recovery time and patients are able to return to normal activities immediately after the treatment .
Post procedure , patients may notice tingling in the areas treated for up to a few hours and or slight muscle soreness or tenderness for 24-72 hours


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